Our third journal isssue: "cancelled" - now live

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Guest editor and exhibition curator: Maia Nichols

Exhibition venue: Eastern Bloc in Montreal, Canada
Exhibition Dates: July 28-30, 2017

Each work is a starburst, an offspring that outlasts. Ultimately one has to choose how to reach for the other side, the side made up of all the idols—those born with eyes not meant to see, ears not made to hear, a mouth not given to speak, a nose not made to smell, and hands with nothing to touch. How about the idol that has been destroyed and substituted by another, a fake, a second? That neighbor follows their own rules.

Displacements and preoccupations have been gathering heat for some time and the opportunity presented by Unlikely was a gift that allowed some space for the exhibition and journal to take shape, to bring together views on cancellation as a mode of thinking and working. There was something about each of these contributions that could be set apart and isolated, something these contributors transmitted not as a shield that receded but that called through its way of passing through and carrying, presenting a way of slicing that is suggested by cancellation—how the white light hits the silver blade. Believing in each of these other visions about what cancelled meant, one at a time, helps me understand them. Each of these is nothing more than what you make of it, each one nevertheless, adds something to the others, lining up its rules and breathing its own fire. These displace us because they bring us towards them, we become pawns. It picks us up and put us down. Products of labor, these are not only commodities for consumption—in this wide wide meeting believers are mixed in with misbelievers, some only pretend to worship, and maybe no one believes. This issue makes it possible for a reader, a visitor, to ask the following about cancelling:  How is it possible to go beyond a cycle of awe, and self-removal in the face of something praised? More questions can be drawn up still.

For now, more importantly, I owe tremendous gratitude to Jan and Norie above all, for their support since this project's initial inception. To Meliti, Jesus, Ian, Peter, Alba, Nancy, Alice, Jahnne, Manuel, Renee, Zeny, thank you for your patience and the intensity of your thought. Thank you to Nicolas at Eastern Bloc.

Meliti Kontogiorgi
Jesus H. Mayor
Kutlu Gürelli
Ian Haig
Peter Burke
Alba Mayol Curci
Nancy Mauro-Flude

Additional journal contributions:
Alice Desmond

Jahnne Pasco-White
Manuel Lima
Renee Carmichael

Zeny May Recidoro