Radiance (Rose Staff): Crescent

Nature in the Dark 2

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Radiance (Rose Staff) is an artist, media designer and Vj based in Melbourne.


"In the 21st century, artists engaging with the landscape recognize that they are dealing with the confluence of nature and culture, that a landscape is an idealised version of nature seen through a filter of culture." Robyn Daw, 2007

Crescent is a video work that looks at the coastal landscape of Victoria, Australia. It uses underwater footage which has been filmed in the national parks of the region to expose the diverse and unique flora and fauna of the location. It presents a filtered version of the landscape through a field of colour and geometric abstraction rather than holding on to realistic representation. It uses multiple layers of composited imagery to explore the connection between geometry and nature by generating sequences of patterns. They combine to create an abstraction of the landscape that reflects emotion, sensation and distortion of the natural environment.

The source material for Crescent stems from Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary, Flinders Pier, Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary, Corner Inlet Marine National Park, Churchill Island Marine National Park, Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary, Twelve Apostles Marine National Park and Arches Formations Port Campbell. It was provided by Parks Victoria and Museum Victoria. 

Radiance (Rose Staff) is a new media visual artist, Vj and designer from Byron Bay, Australia.
She works with video and live performance in a range of settings, from contemporary art installations to large scale vibrant projections at festivals around the world. Her work is focused on an investigation of the landscape and the transient nature of existence. Recently she created a site-specific, durational walking performance in Tallinn, Estonia which formed a body of work which maps the terrain physically and psychologically through a series of visual motifs and videos. The work extends on the long history of mapping landscape, with New Media techniques. Using experimental hybrids of traditional and digital art forms, she explores how contemporary phenomena such as communication technologies and audio-visual space influence our perception of the modern world. Playing with the audio-visual aesthetic and concepts of synaesthesia she has showcased her work events such as Vivid (Au), White Nights (Au), Athens International Video Art Festival (Greece), Gertrude Street Projection Festival (Au), Museum of Contemporary art of Montreal, (Canada), Glow Festival (Italy), Glastonbury festival (Uk), Scopitone (France), LPM (Italy), Sonica (Montenegro), AV playground (Austria), Creature Live Art (Lithuania), Polymer Culture Factory (Estonia), Burning Mountain Festival (Switzerland) and The Brisbane Powerhouse (AU).

Robyn Daw, 2007, essay on the art work of Nicole Voevodin-Cash (last viewed 15 December 2014)