Jenny Fraser: Bunurong

Nature in the Dark 2

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Jenny Fraser is a Murri aesthete from the East Coast of Australia.


Jenny Fraser: "I chose to work with a National Park that has an Aboriginal name, and in this instance Bunurong is also the name of their local Traditional Owner group within the Kulin Nation. While I worked with the documented images to make the animation I was fascinated by the other-worldliness of the underwater life there, and I was please to work with those the striking colours, which we don't often see. My intention was to manifest an Aboriginal aesthetic in the work, to communicate old and new cultures across languages and other borders."

The source material for Bunurong stems from Bunurong Marine National Park and was provided by David Paul, Museum Victoria and Parks Victoria.

Jenny Fraser is a digital native working within a fluid screen-based practice. Because of the diverse creative media Fraser uses, much of her work defies categorization, taking iconic and everyday symbols of Australian life and places them into a context that questions the values they represent. With a laconic sense of humour she picks away at the fabric of our society, exposing contradictions, absurdities, and denial. Her practice has also been partly defined through a strong commitment to Artist / Curating as an act of sovereignty and emancipation, founding cyberTribe online gallery in 1999. A Murri, she was born in Mareeba, Far North Queensland in 1971 and her old people originally hailed from Yugambeh Country in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the South East Queensland / Northern New South Wales border. She has completed a Master of Indigenous Wellbeing at Southern Cross University in Lismore, New South Wales and is currently finalising a PhD in the Art of Aboriginal healing and Decolonisation at Batchelor Institute in the Northern Territory.  In 2015 Jenny was appointed as an Adjunct Research Fellow at The Cairns Institute, James Cook University, in Queensland, Australia.