by Anthony Magen, Ben Byrne and Dale Gorfinkel

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Anthony Magen is an artist, landscape architect and acoustic ecologist based in Melbourne.

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Ben Byrne is a listener, organiser, and teacher employing critical listening practices to develop creative, ethical and sustainable ways of being at a time of technological pressure and ecological crisis.

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Dale Gorfinkel is a musician, instrument builder, installation artist and facilitator of creative communities based in Melbourne.

Title:  Sense humus

Medium:  Live audio - visual gestural performance

Artists: Anthony Magen (audio visuals), Ben Byrne (multiple data cassettes), Dale Gorfinkel (up-cycled trumpet), John Jacobs (audio visuals)

Carousel is a loose agglomeration of artists that shifts glacially with time. Originating in 2009 with John Jacobs and Anthony Magen collaborating on audiovisual projects with the multidemnsional crew of The Vessel Project, that was exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Since then there have been numerous iterations of the collaboration at Golden Plains, The Now Now, and Westspace.

Rationale: Overgrowing the likely boundaries of artist/audience, truth/beauty, memory, natural/constructed, this work is not film, not drama, not music. Perhaps it is closer to a new species of plant. A
umbleweed, flourishing in an urban wilderness. In this sense it is feral. An edible weed, planted by the artists to nourish curious imaginations and stimulate unlikely conversations.

 Synopsis: The focus of this collaboration is the LIVE convening of artists to create neorealist abstract animations. We
site specificity
within our performances, incorporating sonic improvisation, the acoustic sounds of materials visually
animated as well as the architecture to diffuse them from their discreet locations.
Live manipulation of everyday objects such as water, fruit
+ vegetables
, soil, paper,
, motors, feedback and speaker cones with hands
Magnetic Data Tape, up-cycled trumpet, con
denser, hydrophonic and contact microphones transduce vibrations
into synonymous audiovisual dramas. Carousel simply turns tiny ephemeral moments into magical psychedelic neoabstract realist events whose narrative is as feral as
This particular outing of Carousel
is a contemplation on the dominant elements of the human body in space and the flux of our
tenuous vibrational
reality both internally and externally through fluidity and desire.

Carousel wants to thank:
Ceri Hann for
c# Pitch
x2 9 sided die
bearing (8)
and much much more ephemeral ephemera