Catalogue of artist statements, essays and audio/visual documentation of original gallery exhibition

The translating ambiance exhibition invited twelve sound artists with field recording practices to create nine installations at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery in Melbourne (September 2019). Each of the artists were commissioned to choose an environment and translate their embodied experiences into a small space within the gallery. Following this, artists were invited to translate their artworks into publication form, which became the impetus for this edition of Unlikely.

The link to online exhibition documentation includes catalogue essays from Jordan Lacey (curation), Jean-Paul Thibaud (ambiance), Sarah Pink (ethnography) and Philip Samartzis (sound art). Documentation includes an artist statement and image of each work (click image to see colour version); a video walk-through; and a unique playback interface of ambient recordings from the exhibition (by clicking and moving the floating circles). The website is designed by Melbourne's Public Office.