View Mima Smart's Biography

Mima Smart OAM is a, painter, singer and community leader at Yalata. She has served as the Chair of the Yalata Community Board, and is a leading advocate for her community’s development and well-being.

View Rita Bryant's Biography

Rita Bryant is a painter, carver and resident of Yalata Anangu community in the far west of South Australia. She worked as a music teacher across all Maralinga schools and communities.

View Missie Windlass' Biography

Missie Windlass is a painter and leader of the Womens group at Yalata.

View JD Mittmann's Biography

JD Mittmann is the Curator and Manager of Collections at Burrinja Cultural Centre in Victoria. He is the Curator of the Black Mist Burnt Country touring exhibition.

View Paul Brown's Biography

Paul Brown is Producer for Alphaville, a Sydney-based arts company specializing in creative projects that have environmental, scientific and social themes; and he holds an honorary position in Environment and Society at University of New South Wales.

View Pam Diment's Biography

Pam Diment is a potter and arts facilitator from Ceduna, who has been Director of Tjutjuna the Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Centre at Ceduna, and has worked extensively with remote area communities including Yalata and Oak Valley.